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Time to Redesign Your Website?

For most businesses and organizations, the thought of a website redesign can be both exciting and daunting.  It often takes a lot of time and money.  It also brings out a lot of stress and tension.

A website redesign wouldn’t be so complicated and stressful for everyone – the client, the designers and developers, the decision-makers and other invested team members – if you start off with a little bit of preparation and planning.…

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The Simple Psychology That Will Increase Your Site Conversions by 110%

This article was originally published on WPMU DEV Blog –

Many sites these days offer one-off free gifts like eBooks and discounts in exchange for joining their mailing list. It’s become so common now that users almost expect it. If your business uses this technique, how’s it working out for you?…

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6 Tricks for Staying Top of Mind With Your Network

By John Hall, from –

When growing your business, it’s easy to fall into the “bigger is better” mentality with sales and even your relationships. But when you focus too closely on expanding your network, your current connections can slip through the cracks.…

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Stupid is the brand killer

By Seth Godin on marketing, tribes and respect –

When you make your customer feel stupid, you’ve given him no choice. He needs to blame you.

Some ways to make people feel stupid:

Charge different prices at different outlets and shrug your shoulders when you get found out.… Read More