Boost Customer Value with SMS Marketing

There are typically only three ways for a business to generate more revenue and increase profit margins.

  1. Charge more: Increase prices of your products and services
  2. Get more: Find new customers, typically done through advertising.
  3. Sell more: Motivate existing customers to buy more or return more often.

Customers usually get turned off by higher prices, and you risk loosing more than you gain.

Advertising to find new customers is expensive, hard to track, and can impact the enviroment (ie: flyers straight into the recycling bin, tossed on ground)

The easiest and best method of generating profits is to motivate your existing customers and fans to spend more per transaction and increase their frequency.

Why Getting Customers To Come More Often Is A Good Move

  • Marketing Metrics state that the chances of selling to new customers are 5-20%, whereas with existing customers it reaches 60-70% – Gartner
  • It is generally recognized that acquiring new customers costs between 4-to-6 times more than to get existing customers back again.” – Gartner
  • Repeat customers generated three to seven times more revenue per visit. – Adobe
  • Compared to first-time shoppers, repeat customers are 9 times more likely to convert. – Adobe

SMS VIP Club: Catching Fish In A Barrel…

A SMS VIP Club is an exclusive club comprised of your business’s customers. A VIP club captures the businesses contact information and markets to their customers in the most effective channels guaranteed to reach them: SMS & EMAIL.

SMS and email are means to get in touch with existing customers. Having this ability allows a business to easily increase revenue, by marketing specials/discounts/coupons.

Create Business on Demand

Marketing is most effective where the attention is, which is why SMS is extremely effective for reaching your clients customers.

  • Over 90% of text messages are read within the first 3 minutes. –State of SMS
  • 91% of Americans keep their mobile devices at arm´s length at all times. –Morgan Stanley
  • Texting is the #1 preferred channel of communication from businesses. –Open Market
  • SMS sees an engagement rate 6-8 times higher than email marketing –60secondmarketer

So, what does all the stats mean? Access to customers allows you to create ‘business on demand’.

How Our SMS VIP Clubs Work

Customer texts a special keyword to join the club

Simply ask you existing customer to sign-up in store to be a VIP Club member.

The customer gets an INSTANT reply

You can include an instant offer or discount to reward the customer, or set expectations for great things to come.

You promote directly to your happiest customers

Send exclusive offers, time-limited discounts, free upgrades and other incentives to attract immediate sales whenever you want or need them!

Create Business on Demand Instantly

Flood Your Business with Customers

You Do The Math…

Marketing direct and time-based offers to your best customers is the most effective way to boost sales on-demand.

To prove it, use this simple calculator to estimate your monthly revenue bonus when you build your VIP Club list.

Let’s even be conservative to start: estimate that only 1/4 of your customers will sign up and enter an average Redemption rate of 8% to 12%.

Run an average of 3 campaigns per month and see what kind of new additional revenue you could bring in with just a couple SMS messages!