10 Helpful Tips for Choosing and Using Fonts

By Melanie Perkins, from Inbound Hub | Marketing – http://bit.ly/1qS7h02

When you think of all the things that make up a good design, what elements come to mind? Color? Layout? Photography?

Most people often forget that typography plays a crucial role in the success of a new design.…

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Crafting 5-minute talks

By Chris Lema – http://bit.ly/1zV6DqX

I was sitting at lunch across from a talented presenter himself when he asked the question, “Are you coming to the meetup tonight?”

The question made tons of sense because while I’m working in Washington DC for part of this week, my family is actually out here on vacation – a school field trip of sorts where my wife is doing even more amazing things educationally by bringing our kids to both New York City and Washington DC for a 12 day educational adventure.…

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Panda Audit 101: The Roadmap to Complete Panda Recovery

By Marcela De Vivo, from Search Engine Watch – Latest – http://bit.ly/1ugS0Lt

Have you seen a noticeable decrease in your site’s traffic? Did your site fail to recover from a Penguin update? Do you have lots of old pages sitting on your domain, or pages that have very short content created in the olden days?…

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How Phone Numbers Can Lead to Increased Conversions [Infographic]

By Derek S, from ‘Net Features – http://bit.ly/1swHD3J

As technology has advanced and new forms of communication have made their debut, there remains one hold-over that still presents companies with real, measureable value: phone calls.

Invoca, a call tracking and analytics provider, recently conducted a survey of search marketers and found that many marketers are undervaluing the importance placing phone numbers in search engine results.…

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Don’t Forget to Invest in Content (Not Just “Content Marketing”)

By Lisa Barone, from Search Engine Watch – Latest – http://bit.ly/1uiAKlP

More and more clients are beginning to understand the benefits of content marketing. Sitting at the table, I’ve found I’m having a far easier time “selling” clients on the importance of creating that culture video, putting together that marketing ebook or using animation to tell stories in unique ways.…

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8 Web Re-design Faults That Can Ruin Your Site’s Ranking

By Michael Georgiou, from InstantShift – http://bit.ly/109UEXa

Today, every web designer, developer, marketer and business owner is aware of the significance of ranking high on search engines. A high rank on SERPs of Google, Yahoo and Bing will help people find your website organically through search engines.…

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