The trolls inside

By Seth Godin’s Blog on marketing, tribes and respect – http://bit.ly/1JGTQht

The worst troll is in your head.

Internet trolls are the commenters begging for a fight, the anonymous critics eager to tear you down, the hateful packs of roving evil dwarves, out for amusement.…

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9 Effective Email Unsubscribe Pages

By Katie Lantukh, from HubSpot Marketing Blog – http://bit.ly/1LJN0GE

Perhaps their email inboxes overflow daily and they’re tired of going through and deleting each email. Or, maybe they had a bad day and spent their lunch break un-friending people andunsubscribing to email blasts.…

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How to Create a Deep Connection with Your Prospects and Customers

By Sinia Simone, from Copyblogger – http://bit.ly/1JuXdbt

When my son was about two and a half, he developed a funny habit of walking around the house from time to time, chiming out, “I’m here.”

Although this little boy was strongly connected to his family and his small class of school friends, he still had that need to express it.…

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7 Key Indicators It’s Time to Change Your WordPress Web Hosting

From WPBeginner – http://bit.ly/1Ki6ale

Are you frustrated with your WordPress hosting provider? Not sure whether you should switch hosts? In this article, we will share 7 key indicators to help you know when it’s time to change your web hosting.

Overcoming The Biggest Fear

Most beginners are afraid to switch hosts.…

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