Social Networks: Should You Go for Quantity or Quality?

By Ali Luke – from Daily Blog Tips http://bit.ly/1epZdgN

If you’ve launched a blog, you’ve got plenty of work to do already – writing regular posts, moderating comments, reading and commenting on other people’s blogs, sending out guest post pitches …

… so how can you find the time to join every social media site going?…

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7 Tips For Designing On A Budget

By Rebecca Swift, from Fast Company – http://bit.ly/1n9edVr

In the U.S. alone, sales by small businesses account for 54% of the country’s total sales and provide 55% of all jobs, according to the U.S. Small Business Administration. National Small Business Week is here and while it’s clear that small business is big in the U.S.,…

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Do Your Own 5-Minute SEO Audit

By Tom Schmits, from Search Engine Land – http://selnd.com/1sxqNUb

If you’ve gone to SEO events, you may have attended one or more sessions where experts conduct live site reviews and make recommendations. For agencies and consultants, quickly assessing any website is a great skill to hone.…

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Usability Tip: Don’t Rely on Color to Convey Your Message

By Tammy Guy, from UX Magazine – http://bit.ly/1g5VZmy

In general—but particularly in the design world—color is a powerful tool. It conveys moods and emotions, adds presence to designs, and builds brand identities. All too often, however, users who suffer from any color deficiencies struggle to navigate their way through our color-drenched world.…

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Why You Should Use WordPress?

From WPBeginner – http://bit.ly/1pE7fgF

Often beginners ask us: Why should I use WordPress? Isn’t my old site good enough? Why do I need to switch to WordPress? If you’re asking these questions, then you’re at the right place. In this article, we have compiled a few reasons why you should use WordPress, in what ways you can use WordPress, and who is using WordPress.…

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Stop Wasting Users’ Time

By Paul Boag, from Smashing Magazine – http://bit.ly/1gZkKxS

Our users are precious about their time and we must stop wasting it. On each project ask two questions: “Am I saving myself time at the expense of the user?” and “How can I save the user time here?”…

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The Harsh Realities of SEO That No One Tells You

By John Bonini, from Inbound Hub – http://bit.ly/1xPgZ80

Want to know the truth about search engine optimization? You’re being misled.

Maybe not in a sleazy, overt kind of way. But there are many bloggers and SEO “gurus” who are guilty-by-omission in that they’re portraying search engine optimization through rose-tinted glasses.…

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What Your Email Style Reveals About Your Personality

By Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, from Fast Company – http://bit.ly/1iUxh6P

You think about how you’re perceived in every other social setting–why not email? Get your point across while staying true to yourself before hitting send.

Most of your work communications are probably over email.…

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