Small Biz: Why Do You Really Have a Website?

By Chris Hazel, from ‘Net Features – http://bit.ly/1yLICPO

A website serves different purposes but a big chunk of people having websites often fail to answer the most fundamental question – “Why do you have a website?” 

A website is not a work of art.…

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5 Steps to Tell if Your Website is Mobile Ready

By ,Daniel Weisbeck from ‘Net Features – http://bit.ly/1kIWMZS

Every now and then companies tell me that their mobile Web traffic is still too low for them to prioritize it over the traditional PC Web. While few can doubt that the latter is still prevalent among customers, in reality, many brands are experiencing low traffic due to the poor user experience afforded to those accessing via a mobile device. …

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Content Marketing: You’re Doing it Wrong

By Mike Straus, from The UX Booth – http://bit.ly/1s8fAJX

Content marketing is a robust and focused form of marketing, and yet it’s all too common for businesses to invest in content marketing and see it fail. Why? Simple: content marketing can’t just be done, it needs to be done well.…

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The Formula for a Perfect Headline

By Neil Patel, from Quick Sprout – http://bit.ly/1zdbult

You spend hours writing exceptionally good content, but how much time do you spend focusing on crafting the perfect headline? Chances are not enough time.

Why? Because 8 out of 10 people will read your headline, but only 2 out of 10 people will read the rest of your post.…

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9 Tricks Brilliant Innovators Use To Come Up With Big Ideas

By Drake Baer, from Inc.com – http://bit.ly/1sDXLxY

Coming up with a great idea takes more than just brain power.

Creativity starts with having a method for finding ideas.

In “The Idea Hunter: How To Find The Best Ideas And Make Them Happen,” management scholars Andy Boynton and Bill Fischer examine the world’s most creative people and companies–with tons of best practices to be found inside.…

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Designing a Footer that Doesn’t Say “Goodbye”

By Tina Yeung, from ‘Net Features – http://bit.ly/1onLduq

Are footers out-of-date or can we make them better? The truth is, footers have been underestimated. We just don’t think too much about them but if we are trying to find ways to improve the Web experience, we shouldn’t neglect what’s at the end of the page.…

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