4 Ways to Make Your Images Count

By Jeanne Achille, from Inc.com – http://bit.ly/WMc5eG

In the age of 140 characters or less, your audience is becoming more visually conscious and, as a result, more discerning.

While everyone knows that a picture is worth a thousand words, many fail to realize that a picture can also be worth a thousand likes.…

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Why Your A/B Testing Isn’t Working As Well As You Think

By Milad Oskouie, from ‘Net Features – http://bit.ly/1sqBUMs

There’s nothing groundbreaking about A/B testing. Direct marketing departments have been using it for years. Before the World Wide Web, it was via infomercials and catalog mailers. Since the Internet revolution, it been used for website improvement.…

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3 Ways to Make Your Awesome Web Design Provide ROI

By Gabriel Shaoolian, from ‘Net Features – http://bit.ly/1zbIU0P

Businesses that have finally finished their new websites are generally really excited to see what kind of sales they will generate. However, just because a website is done and looks “awesome” doesn’t necessarily mean a company is going to get positive return on investment (ROI) out of it.…

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The Best Places to Find Free Stock Images for Your WordPress Site

By Raelene Wilson, from WPMU DEV’s Blog – Everything WordPress – http://bit.ly/1wh01SI

A picture paints a thousands words, or so the old adage goes.

Images can tell a story in a quick glimpse more than endless paragraphs on a page. This is even up by data that shows 90 per cent of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text.…

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7 simple ways to build a buzz around your website

By Jared Chelf, from Webdesigner Depot – http://bit.ly/PGc9ZE

Your website looks slick, your products and services are amazing, and you’ve launched multiple marketing campaigns. So why isn’t your site producing the numbers you need?

Getting buzz for your site isn’t always easy—but it’s necessary for your business to thrive.…

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6 Ways to Make Your Content Drive Long-Term ROI

by Neil Patel

Creating content is hard work. So if you’re going to go to the trouble of creating it, you want to make sure it’ll bring you a great return on your investment for a long time.

What if each of your blog posts and articles were conduits of cash that never, ever turn off?…

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